UI Kit; Fake it While You Make It

NEWS April 3, 2014


images courtesy of the fabulous, free and not-at-all-crappy stock photo resource , Unsplash


 Little diddy I composed of various web project orphan pieces  last week. Ui kits or style guides are super useful and fun to put together.  When sifting through style kits or CMS themes aimed at corporate interactive /tech customers, I can’t help but chuckle some at the sense of self-seriousness displayed in a grouping of typefaces,  pull quotes,  hexadecimal codes and stock photos that would by themselves be utterly inoffensive.  Maybe it’s just that familiarity breeds contempt. Once you sift through one category of anything for an extended period of time it all begins to look the same, and sort of silly and it’s not news that web design trends become ubiquitous to everyone in a short matter of time.  That being said, “Trisynergy” is a very serious, professional and not at all nebulous name for a company and is probably a real brand mark or app somewhere….