The Secret to Happiness #1

NEWS December 5, 2012


Well, I’m finally starting to put up my growing collection of “the secret to happiness”  doodles. It’s easy to omit good things when you look back over time, so I decided that I’m going to try and make a visual recording of times when I have that feeling – one of those moments where you can be present, because it’s thrust apon you, and you have to reckon with yourself as if to say “I think I just felt something real”. So maybe not everyone, but I think a few people understand this? It’s much less dyer than it sounds. I think as we get older, we just don’t feel as many new things in the day to day. This sketch commemorates the first time I witnessed myself feeling joy, real joy, at the news of a friend obtaining success over their design work. I believe it was my second year of college (college part duex). Not to say that I had been selfish and self serving for the entirety of my life beforehand  (though that’s just one man’s opinion..)  but maybe understanding what it felt like to really love a craft, and relinquish other enjoyable things in life in sacrifice for that craft and work – combining that with the people I had come to know as true blue folks who also created  in my field, when their pieces would get good feedback, or gallery shpws, etc., it felt like what I can only imagine it feels like to have child. I  got to be effortlessly invested in the triumphs and setbacks of others.

This was the turning point for me. This is what set me free to create and enjoy. The world just seems so much bigger and brighter when you can get behind a cause other than your own.