Recipes By Heart

FRIENDS //, NEWS October 8, 2013

Photography for Recipes by Heart shot by Jessica Clark art+math

I am so pleased to shout out about Recipes By Heart, “a study in food memory and the emotional connection to specific recipes”.”  RBH is the creation of one Ms. Lauren Mirow Blankenship, and my BFF, Ms. Paige Prather, who currently spends her days at The University of Mississippi  in Oxford as a graduate student in documentary studies and Southern culture. The magic lies not only in the very personal list of recipes collected on this site, but in their delivery. All  of the dishes shared at Recipes By heart are  part of  an audio archive, compiled of  recorded informal interviews with the participants. I took some photos for R.B.H with Paige last summer, and I am so happy  to finally get to throw one up on the website.  Take a sunday morning sometime  to listen to some history and try your hand at one of the awesome epicurean creations.

Visit  – Recipes By Heart