Safer Surface Solutions, Inc. was established to independently evaluate flooring materials for safety using the latest technology to measure friction. The company educates clients on making commercial flooring choices that best protect their legal interests and patron’s safety.

For the last 17 years, the owners  have lead the custom waterjet design and fabrication industry, producing quality flooring for residential, commercial and healthcare markets through their principal company,  Waterjet Works. They observed that despite changes in the flooring industry, slip and falls are still the #1 cause of walkway accidents since they began producing flooring.

Identity , branding, design

It was important that the design for Safer Surface Solution’s corporate stationery convey the significant business nature of their services to potential clients and distinguish themselves as a separate entity with more to offer to long-standing WaterJet Works partners.

Jessica Clark Design shot of corporate stationery, brand identity
corporate identity cards


Sources and Informational material 
I knew from the beginning the texture would play a big role in the design of Safer Surface Solution’s identity. Lack of traction (among many other things) makes for an unsafe floor. I spoke with Philip Einsohn, President of Safer Surface Solutions throughout the design process and read all the safety flooring literature on  I could get my hands on. From there, I gathered diagrams and images of various kinds of safety flooring.

1.Diagram of interlocking safety carpet.
2.Textures I sampled from composite layers of safety tile.
3. Vectorized sketches; single layer textures and combinations of different substrates.


4. Initial identity concepts:
a) The nature of stability, “surface” is a variable.
b) Interior Design markup for “floor line” used as graphic underscore .
c) Universal shape for “safety” is the form of the mark, shield of protection.
5. Variations of concept b.
6. Iterations up to final logo.

Further Projects