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Skull and Cakebones is a  locally sourced vegan craft bakery that’s filled the shelves of Whole Foods, Central Market and other specialty food retailers since 2013. I enthusiastically joined the company as the In-House Designer, spearheading a comprehensive brand redesign preceding the launch of  their first retail location.

Fresh packaging for the full product line was priority number one.
The new treatment aimed at sustaining and increasing brand value-perception with new designs that reflected the owner’s taste and the company’s growth.
The challenge-effectively meet visual objective without isolating the company’s loyal customer base and decreasing brandvalue perception.

Working with Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Skull and Cakebones through many iterations, we ultimately zeroed  in on an aesthetic direction that brought the energy and mission of the company to the shelves, without veering into unrecognizable territory.

The remainder of the new branding was built out to support the visual standards of the Skull and Cakebones packaging.


1A: rudimentary map of priority content.

1B+C: Initial sketches , exploring treatments, literal imagery, sketch concept for current substrate (freezer safe-matte kraft. )

2A: First run blocking out colors

2B: The base idea for what became a signature graphic asset; partner identification mark.

3A: Blocking out colors specific to seasonal flavors

3B:First form of 4 Skull & Cakebones signature brand expressions;
·a custom repeating pattern
·product partner marker revised
·three-point quality mission
·discreet vegan label

Further Projects