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Stephanie and Nick were a dream to work with. Not only because they are dear friends that let me go to town with my doodles and ideas for their wedding invitation design, but because they are two people with a life and love that is rich in symbolism,  and all their own.  All of the ornamental elements in Nick and Stephanie’s wedding
invitations were derived from answers to a few sneaky questions Stephanie kindly answered one day while we were discussing the preliminary basics such as color and paper. The floral motif is built up of Norwegian flowers and leaves as a nod to the heritage the two share.The Linnéa Borealis or “Twin Flowers” that grace the top of the invitation like bells are my favorite; a sweet and lithe flower that can be found only in cold climates, and always seen in pairs.


moorewright stationery-invites

moorewright stationery-stamp
moorewright stationery

The embossed crest seen above was modeled after the stunning and unique structure of Stephanie’s double-banded engagement ring.

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