Design Ranch 2020

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AIGA Austin Design Ranch is an intimate, three-day, hands-on, workshop-driven design retreat in a rustic setting on the banks of the Guadalupe River.

Design Ranch is not a lecture-based conference. It seeks to move away from the digital environment in aim of reviving the creative spirit. The goal of the conference is “not to teach you the latest fad or tech trick. What your clients and businesses need more than ever is you, at full creative power, doing your best work, so we’d rather you go home with something a little more timeless: a fire in your belly and a fresh take on design that can only be achieved by unplugging and gettin’ a little dirty.”

Design Ranch 2020 Identity Design Jess Rose Clark

AIGA Design Ranch 2020 Identity System

The style is rooted in a deliberate juxtaposition of the rustic and the refined; the pencil rendering of two squares connected by meandering strokes in contrast to the mathematical exactitude of a vector cube. My goal was to push as far away from expected bucolic imagery and Texas trappings as possible, without misrepresenting the event. The end result pays homage to the rudimentary delights of nature and craft, while playfully honoring those who come together in the workshops – Professional designers.

 The Design Ranch site sees most traffic on the homepage. For this reason, I kept information in easily scrollable vertical blocks, maintaining the friendly tone and warm palette throughout the experience.

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