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Crummy House existed as a four year collaborative project in publishing and art making. The idea was to connect with artists in the community and build a body of work to show at exhibitions and through zine distribution.

We published 25+ zines with different artists and collaborated on shows, musical experiments  and projects. All works were collaborations between the artist and the publisher, both in 3format and content.

Crummy House has collaborated with Los Angeles-based radio show Dublab, Glasgow-based gallery and independent publisher Good Press, independent bookstore Domy Books, Austin-based art collective Common House and individual artists from all over the world. Work from Crummy House has been featured in Beautiful Decay Magazine, Faesthetic art blog, Tribeza Magazine and New York online magazine Sight Unseen.

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The ability to bounce off of the ideas, talents and curiosities of talented individuals in a variety of professions made every production under Crummy House wildly eye opening and educational. We wanted to set the stage for ourselves and others to produce their long held back burner ideas. Conversely, the opportunity to relinquish project planning in favor of meeting up to make something together without intention almost always ended up with something we couldn’t have planned to make if we tried. This is something we could all stand to add into our work routines more often.

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