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“Chit Chat on BS” (blood sugar) is a strait-forward illustrated pocket-guide to living with diabetes. I wrote this book because I wanted to buy it. I want it for myself in 1996 when I received my Type-1 diagnosis. I want it on-hand now to pass to friends and loved ones.

Almost 10% of the United States population live with Diabetes. It’s rare, yet, to speak to anyone who knows much of anything about the condition. Information in “Chit Chat on BS” is informative and accessible. I made it a point to make the tone of the writing a non-abrasive one, as the book’s purpose is to serve as an alternative source of information to dense medical articles.

Researching and illustration segments of the book was of great benefit to me. I aim to treat “Chit Chat on BS” as a living piece of literature and update knowledge as it becomes available. Eventually, I’d like to work on a team with editors, medical experts and other Diabetics to bring the book to life. After all, if helpful information isn’t shareable, do we serve any use in creating it?


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