Outside Furniture Facelift

NEWS November 16, 2013

Sad before-chair posing for it’s face shots to send to AnthropologIE in hopes of one day being marked up 700% retail cost. 


Stamped canvas drying. I just cut up some soft lino-block rubber ( get it at Michaels for $5). Didn’t bother using one of the stamps I have carved because the canvas was really toothy, but it can be done.


Little foam, a wood board , staple gun and the NeverWet. Tah–Dah.


I learned about this stuff called NeverWet that can apparently keep your suede loafers in mint condition if you happen to, ya know, make them sleep outside in the rain or something. It’s a two-coat process that is as simple as spray..wait..spray again and BAM! I figured there was no excuse for not cleaning up the sad chairs that had been living on our porch for two years and becoming mold monsters. Lo and behold, My hand stamped fabric has remained intact for months. Now if I could only muster the gumption to finish the other one…