Mister Wright Dress Labels

DESIGN, NEWS July 7, 2016

Iv’e been working with fave my boss lady babe Stephanie on branding her recently-launched fashion line, Mister Wright since January. Seeing the label samples has only heightened my curiosity and foray into textile design. Getting fresh-of-the-press posters and cards is just okay now. From now on, I want all my work to come back to me embroidered on silk.

It’s pretty great to be involved with this new venture. The dresses are tailored perfectly – in that way where the bones of the  design are so on point that they are invisible and when you wear them you feel like an off-duty, polished supermodel.

Does that sound logical? What I’m saying it that I don’t like to wear dresses, unless  I LIKE to wear a dress, in which case, I’ll wear it down to the fibers. If a compliment could be worn as clothing , it would look like Steph’s pieces.

More coming down the line from both of us this year….


Denier Damask clothing labels for Mister Wright.