It Should Present Itself

NEWS, WORK November 20, 2012

animated gif of sourceprints for Hearthaus logo

I have been working on a hand-rendered logo treatment for Hearthaus for a few weeks now. As it often happens, I apply myself to a project with a sense of deductive reasoning– it’s as if I went into some sort of coma, and came back with most of myself intact, and I look at my previous work as if to say “Hey look, you drew that, you can draw. Draw again” . Not sure that I’ll ever  really harness the ability to get to the guts of whatever it is I am trying to express visually on command. Almost all of my favorite or successful pieces for clients or otherwise appeared fully formed like a gift, at some hour too early and too late to be induced on a conscience level.Nothing like this happened in my head regarding this logo this week, as I tirelessly moved a pen on a page searching for something “natural”.Lucky for the whole situation and shebang however, Yauss did in fact have some duh-sparks brewing behing her eyes when she suggested we ceremoniously  paint our well-worn sneakers and stomp on some paper to embark on the passion project and real-life work that is Hearthaus. I’ll be sourcing these over the Thanks Giving holiday and doodling away towards our mark.In the mean time, I’m happy to watch our imprints flow easily on course with and guided by the wind. I’m working really hard to start not working so hard in controlling the outcomes of  the plans I have set in motion. I figure the wind will be charging the space we live in regardless of when I feel it should stay still, so I might as well catch the current.







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