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DESIGN, NEWS March 11, 2014







moscow branding

A set of untouched Balsa Maytroshka dolls arrived from Amazon today. I’m finding it hard to focus on my work with them sitting there just pleading with me to be painted/wood-burned/modge-podged on.  My love of nesting dolls resurfaced in a big way this last January when Mase, Ryan, Renee and I made a collaborative set for my Dad’s birthday.  My plan is to have  a nice stock of them around the house and doodle on them like I currently doodle on notepads. This plan isn’t very conducive to maintaining the de-cluttering train I have been on but I bet we can find a place for them…
My new wooden friends got me thinking about a corporate Identity design project I did a little over 3 years ago in school.  Presented with the option to rebrand and set the style parameters for the board of tourism anywhere in the world, I picked the place with the highest ratio of nesting dolls to people I could find.  Above are a few of my favorite visual excerpts from that excercise. Pretty friendly lookin’ place,  wouldn’t ya say  ;0