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Welcome Home Poster Art Show

ART SHOW, PROJECT, recent June 13, 2016

The awesomes over at Human Sciences have partnered with the Refugee Services of Texas to in their words- “(1) provide a gesture of welcome and measure of homeyness, (2) create a bridge between newly resettled families and local arts communities, (3) generate sources of revenue and direct support for Refugee Services of Texas” Here’s my poster […]

GRAFIXX Zine Workshop in Antwerp

NEWS, PROJECT December 17, 2014

  We (CRUMMY HOUSE)  are very excited to participate in Museums Press’ workshop at GRAFIXX, a festival in Antwerp, Belgium. The theme of the book revolves around bootlegging. These are our contributing pages for people to fold into their own bootleg zine! Click here to read more about GRAFIXX

New CRUMMY Zine With Max Kauffman

NEWS, PROJECT March 4, 2014

I am a super fan  of Max Kauffman and we are pumped to do a CRUMMY HOUSE zine with him this month. The way he uses color and ornament to create washed out dreamscapes that almost feel…violent? – Its striking and lovely.  we had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Max in Oakland last October when […]