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Mister Wright Dress Labels

DESIGN, NEWS July 7, 2016

Iv’e been working with fave my boss lady babe Stephanie on branding her recently-launched fashion line, Mister Wright since January. Seeing the label samples has only heightened my curiosity and foray into textile design. Getting fresh-of-the-press posters and cards is just okay now. From now on, I want all my work to come back to me […]

Things are a Brewin’

DESIGN, NEWS August 1, 2014

  New brewery gettin’ hoppin’ round these parts. Having a lot of fun building the visual identity for  Cibolo Creek Brewery. I always feel pretty rad when I get in on the ground floor of someone’s big idea :) Lots more from them coming soon. In the meantime,  check out their Facebook page and their […]

How Now Moscow

DESIGN, NEWS March 11, 2014

  A set of untouched Balsa Maytroshka dolls arrived from Amazon today. I’m finding it hard to focus on my work with them sitting there just pleading with me to be painted/wood-burned/modge-podged on.  My love of nesting dolls resurfaced in a big way this last January when Mase, Ryan, Renee and I made a collaborative […]

Jess clark's link to tumblr sketchbook from artplusmath

Sketchbook Repository

ART, DESIGN, NEWS May 23, 2013

  I’m slowly getting back to transferring the mountains of  creative content  into their respective web houses. I started taking time every morning to write while I drink my coffee(s). I noticed that afterwards (possibly in a defense against going in the house to start working) I linger and do some doodles on the opposite page […]