Author: Jess

Things are a Brewin’

DESIGN, NEWS August 1, 2014

  New brewery gettin’ hoppin’ round these parts. Having a lot of fun building the visual identity for  Cibolo Creek Brewery. I always feel pretty rad when I get in on the ground floor of someone’s big idea :) Lots more from them coming soon. In the meantime,  check out their Facebook page and their […]

Fill Bill! :Drink + Draw at Friends and Neighbors

FRIENDS //, NEWS July 22, 2014

Follow the link and come play!  Austrailian artist Keith Walsh made an awesome coloring book devoted to Bill Murray. Now we (me, these gals and you) are going to color it in! Underneath the invite is a lonely shot of the setup from our last D+D at Friends & Neighbors . My digital photo archives seem to […]

UI Kit; Fake it While You Make It

NEWS April 3, 2014

images courtesy of the fabulous, free and not-at-all-crappy stock photo resource , Unsplash  Little diddy I composed of various web project orphan pieces  last week. Ui kits or style guides are super useful and fun to put together.  When sifting through style kits or CMS themes aimed at corporate interactive /tech customers, I can’t help but chuckle some […]

How Now Moscow

DESIGN, NEWS March 11, 2014

  A set of untouched Balsa Maytroshka dolls arrived from Amazon today. I’m finding it hard to focus on my work with them sitting there just pleading with me to be painted/wood-burned/modge-podged on.  My love of nesting dolls resurfaced in a big way this last January when Mase, Ryan, Renee and I made a collaborative […]

New CRUMMY Zine With Max Kauffman

NEWS, PROJECT March 4, 2014

I am a super fan  of Max Kauffman and we are pumped to do a CRUMMY HOUSE zine with him this month. The way he uses color and ornament to create washed out dreamscapes that almost feel…violent? – Its striking and lovely.  we had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Max in Oakland last October when […]

Outside Furniture Facelift

NEWS November 16, 2013

Sad before-chair posing for it’s face shots to send to AnthropologIE in hopes of one day being marked up 700% retail cost. ⇓ Stamped canvas drying. I just cut up some soft lino-block rubber ( get it at Michaels for $5). Didn’t bother using one of the stamps I have carved because the canvas was really toothy, […]